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Visit our YouTube channel for the most up-to-date listing of scientific and informative videos from the Center for Personalized Diagnostics. Or view these videos by clicking the links below.

  • NAPPA Protocol This set of 5 videos goes step-by-step through our NAPPA process from printing to screening. It provides a great overview of each step to better understand NAPPA.
  • NAPPA Animation An animation showing each step of the NAPPA protein array production process.
  • DNA Factory This video shows the DNA Factory in action.
Interviews and Videos

Dr. Joshua LaBaer of speaks to Cambridge Healthtech Institute on October 27, 2014. Here is a podcast of this event.

Dr. Karen Anderson looks to DNA analysis in developing cancer treatments. ASU News Bench Talk

Dr. LaBaer and our research was featured on the Arizona NPR radio station KJZZ

ASU Biodesign Institute looks to find a cure for Cancer. Fox News Feature on the researcher in the Center for Personalized Diagnostics.

‎Biodesign‬ and Joshua LaBaer receive ‎cancer‬ research funding from the Dorothy Foundation. The $25,000 gift will support costs to obtain clinical samples from NCI for studies that promise to find early indicators of cancer. Video

Joshua LaBaer describing our experience using the Thermo Scientific Human IVT system to identify biomarkers for early cancer detection. Video

Karen Anderson is interviewed about her new collaborative effort with the Mayo Clinic to better understand the immune system response to cancer cells. Video Profile

Karen Anderson interviewed on the Eight, Arizona PBS show "Horizon" discussing here cancer research projects. Horizon Interview

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