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Bioinformatics Tools - An Overview

The Center for Personalized Diagnostics has a team of programmers who have developed tools to assist our center in all aspects of our research projects. Our typical experimental pipeline is displayed below with each of our custom databases highlighted. Click on the database name for more information about each database.

  1. FLEXGeneDB (FLEX) is a LIMS to track samples during all steps of cloning, re-arraying, and salvage.
  2. Automated Clone Evaluation (ACE) provides automated high-throughput sequencing verification to ensure that the correct insert is present and to annotate its full sequence with high confidence. We have used this software successfully to evaluate over 250,000 clones, dramatically reducing the time and labor required to assess and confirm clone sequences.
  3. DNASU is a database and website to provide clone information and online ordering for researchers to acquire plasmids from the repository
  4. NAPPA Tracking is a web-based system that manages each stage in NAPPA array processing from sample management to slide production to slide visualization and data analysis.
  5. Medgene and Biogene are text mining tools that search publications to find associations between genes and diseases or biological themes, respectfully.