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High Throughput Cloning Team

Team Leader: Andrea Throop, Ph.D.

Team:Kevin Peasley and Hannah Johnson

The High Throughput (HT) Cloning/Production Team within the Center for Personalized Diagnostics at the Biodesign institute is responsible for several projects and pipelines. These include the full length sequence validation of over 150,000 Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) clones from NIGMS-funded PSI centers (see pipeline to right). In addition, our team does all of the recombinational cloning and clone validation projects both within the center and with numerous collaborators. All plasmids validated and created by the cloning team can be found in the DNASU Plasmid Repository.

Within the center, each step of our cloning, sequencing and distribution process is tracked by laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and facilitated by robots. Our processing pipeline is shown below.Roll over each image to see a zoomed-in view of the robot or process results.


Transformation and Colony Picking

We receive plates of plasmids to be distributed through DNASU either as a 96-well plate of DNA or as glycerol stocks in phage resistant bacteria. When we receive DNA, we perform a transformation on the DNA in the entire 96-well plate and then plate the bacterial transformation on a patented 48-well agar plate using the FX liquid handling robot (see image). Individual colonies are picked into a deep well block using a K6 colony picker. Roll over the image to see the colonies growing on the 48-well plate after incubating overnight at 37 degrees Celsius.


Sanger Sequencing

After picking a colony and growing overnight in liquid culture, we copy the plate into a storage copy and a working copy. Using the FX liquid handling robot, we purify the DNA in high throughput for Sanger sequencing. Roll over the image to see a view of the chromatograph from the Sanger Sequencing machine.


Sequence Evaluation using ACE

Once sequenced, we use our Automated Clone Evaluation (ACE) software for sequence analysis. ACE uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the raw sequence data by assembling the actual sequence of an insert into a contig and comparing it to its expected sequence. Each difference between actual and expected sequences is recorded as a discrepancy object including its position, bases, and sequence confidence. Acceptance and rejection are determined by counting the number of each discrepancy type and its confidence and comparing that against what is considered acceptable for a particular project. The discrepancies listed for a particular plasmid typically come from our analysis using ACE. Roll over the ACE screen shot for an example alignment.



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LIMS systems

Efficient and accurate management of HT cloning relies on a solid informatics pipeline, which supports all aspects of DNA manipulation, sample handling, sequence validation, and protein and microarrays. Our facility tracks and analyzes each step of the cloning and sequencing project using Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) developed in our laboratory. These LIMSs generate bar codes and text files that communicate directly with our robots and parallel every step of the Gateway recombinational cloning system from primer design through cloning, and ultimately sequence verification of full-length clones, thus ensuring a seamless flow of information between robots and LIMSs throughout (see figure). You can find more details about these systems here.


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Collaborators and Projects

Glycoenzyme Repository: Kelley Moremen, Ph.D. (University of Georgia) and Don Jarvis, Ph.D. (University of Wyoming). PLASMIDS

Membrane Proteins in Infectious Diseases (MPID): Petra Fromme, Ph.D. (Arizona State University). PLASMIDS

PSI:Biology Plasmid Sequence Analysis: 4 High Throughput Centers, 8 Membrane Centers and 12 Biological Partners (view all Center names and affiliations here). PLASMIDS

Viral gene cloning: Ji Qiu, Ph.D. (CPD, Arizona State University)

Tuberculosis gene cloning: Mitch Magee, Ph.D.(CPD, Arizona State University) and Xiaobo Xu, Ph.D. (CPD, Arizona State University)

Other cloning projects: Shwetal Mehta, Ph.D. (Barrow Neurological Institute), Fridtjof lund-johansen, M.D., Ph.D. (Oslo University Hospital), Karen Anderson Laboratory (CPD, Arizona State University) and Marco Mangone's Laboratory (CPD, Arizona State University)


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