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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Center for Personalized Diagnostics welcomes undergraduate students in the laboratory to work with one of our faculty, postdocs or students.  This program gives undergraduates the exciting opportunity to perform hands-on cutting edge research, in contrast to the “canned” experiments that are done in lab courses.  Students may choose to work in the lab, attend lab meetings and/or journal clubs, or all of the above.  We do not require previous experience in a research lab, but you should have taken one or more biology/biochemistry lab courses, and we request that you expect to spend at least 10-15 hours per week (preferably in several contiguous blocks) in the lab.  Students must volunteer in the lab at least one semester before we will consider work in the lab for credit.

We have experienced a high level of interest among undergraduates to work in the lab and several have done honors theses here.  Students are invited to join the lab at the beginning of each semester and over the summer.  With the high level of interest from undergraduate to work with the scientists in our center, we ask that you please fill out this application in its entirety. Because there is such high interest in our center, please be aware that the selection rate is very low. If there is a match between your background and a researcher in the CPD, you will receive an email.

  • Fall semester, please fill out the application by August 21.
  • Spring semester, please fill out the application by January 19.
  • Summer term, please fill out the application by May 15.
  • Please fill out the application before midnight on the term date shown above.    Apply Today!  

    If you have any questions, please email Dr. Ji Qiu