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The Strategic Vision for the Center for Personalized Diagnostics

The mission of the VGPCPD is to drive the discovery and development of biomarkers for the early detection of diseases. With better disease detection and earlier treatment, we strive to have a profound impact on decreasing mortality caused by various diseases including cancer and autoimmune diseases. Towards this end, our center is driven by innovation and technology development, creating new tools that foster biomarker discovery. In particular, we have developed and continue to improve the NAPPA protein arrays and to couple the NAPPA technology with other technologies to better understand disease. Besides creating tools and technology for use within the center, we also make these tools available to facilitate researcher projects in the wider research community. Through the plasmid repository, sequencing services and our most recent effort with the NAPPA protein array core, we have provided the tools to accelerate research in hundreds of laboratories around the world.